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Cross-Disciplinary Creation
My working method is based on the idea of ante-/antidisciplinarity. Since "anti" has negative connotations, I prefer the term cross-disciplinary.
• Article: How Works Antidisciplinarity in Practice?
• Video (4 min.): Steve Jobs About Management & Continous Improvement Jobs does not refer to it as such, but already saw the advantages of ante-disciplinarity 30 years ago.
• Approach: Ante-Disciplinarity - A Playground for Synthesis at Stanford University. Ante-disciplinarity is a common approach in the field of synthetic biology.

Personal Development
Gain perspectives about yourself.
• Video (15 min.): Steve Jobs About Connecting the Dots at Stanford University in 2005.
• Book: Emotional Agility by Susan David, Ph.D. Harvard Medical School psychologist.
• Webtool: CliftonStrengths Assessment Strengths-oriented development by Gallup.
• Podcast: School of Greatness with inspiring guests:
About Creativity Rick Rubin producer of artists like: Johnny Cash to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys to Slayer, and System of a Down to Jay-Z.

Mental & Physical Health
Notice & clear up disconnectedness.
• Book: The Myth of Normal by Gabor Maté.
• Podcast: School of Greatness with inspiring guests:
Research & Hacks for Healthy Glucose Levels Glucose Godess Jessie Inchauspé.
Never Stress Out Again Stress expert Ph.D. Elissa Epel.
Science About Age Reversal Harvard Professor David Sinclair.

Being Present & Mindful
Connect with yourself.
• Video (13 min.): The Reality we Create TED Talk by Dr. Jake Klipsch. To see change in the world we first have to change ourselves.
• Podcast: Eckhart Tolle - Essential Teachings by the author of "The Power of Now".
• Book: Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Design Concepts
Creating connectedness by design.
• Graphic: How Do smART Transitions Foster Connectedness? A concept by Whakami.
• Book: Architecture as a 2nd Body As perception changes in case of illness healing- & health-promoting environments become even more important.
• Publication: Environment as 3rd Teacher Reggio Emilia identifies a 3rd teacher between child, teacher, and parent: the environment.

Conscious Design
Human-centred and needs-based design.
• Network: The Centre for Conscious Design International collective promoting the emergence of healthy built environments.
• Book preview, chapter 3: States, People and Contexts Aspects of aesthetics on perception from "Art, Aesthetics, and the Brain".
• PDF (24 p.): NeuroArts Blueprint Advancing the Science of Arts, Health, and Wellbeing. A guide through the vast knowledge that is accumulating accross multiple disciplines, to identify collaborative opportunities.

Longing for Nature
Bridging awareness into a state of presence.
• PDF (56 pages): Biophilic Design Guide see page 13 for specific measures.
• Article: Healing Environments How nature meets needs.
• Study: Nature Based Interventions Study about purpose, people and outcomes of Nature Based Interventions.

Connecting potential of perception.
• Video (8 min.): Interesting Brain Facts by Jim Kwik, mental performance expert.
• Video in German, subtitles available on YouTube (1.25 hrs.): Neurodiversity - Different, But Completely Right in Mind Prof. Dr. Zimpel „Lecture for all“ University Hamburg.
• Podcast: HubermanLab - Science for Everyday Life Whakami's favorite podcast.
The Science of Making and Breaking Habits learn about limbic friction (00:11:40)
The Power of Play as a portal to neuroplasticity (01:00:03)

Love Learning
Stay hungry. Stay foolish.
• TED Talk: Do Schools Kill Creativity by Sir Ken Robinson.
• Article: Reimagining Education & Realising Potential by Andreas Schleicher, OECD Director for Education and Skills.
• Roadmap for Change: LearnLife - A New Learning Paradigm condensed insights based on aggregated research of the best learning practices around the world. Each item - clickable icon - can be used independently to support a specific area of change in any learning ecosystem.
• Network: LearnLife Alliance A global tribe of thought leaders, innovators, learning leaders and passion pushers, uniting to activate a new learning paradigm.
• TED Talk: How to Escape Educations's Death Valley by Sir Ken Robinson.

Digital Playground
Embracing change.
• ChatBot AI: Ask ChatGPT to structure agendas or table of contents, summarize pros and cons to any topic, fix code errors, ...
• Text to Image AI: DALL E 3 OpenArt AI
• Text to Video AI: Synthesia - Studio-Quality Videos with AI Avatars in 130+ languages.
• Book: Read Write Own building the next era of the internet by Chris Dixon.

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  • „There are things known & there are things unknown.
    And in between are the doors of perception.“
    A. Huxley. Author of Brave New World.
    smART Transitions